First Tournament

1990 I International Tennis Tournament

Prize money
$ 330 000
$ 330 000
$ None

The first Kremlin Cup was held on October 5-11. It took place in Olimpiyskiy sports complex. The tournament was founed on the initiative of the businessman from Switzerland Sasson Kakshuri. “Bayer” became its title sponsor. In the men's singles final Andrei Cherkasov faced experienced American Tim Mayotte, 12-time Grand Prix owner. Book-makers predicted flawless victory of the American tennis player as he was a seasoned player and had many big wins under his belt. However Cherkasov was at his best that day. He did everything better than his opponent: he served, return, volley better. This “better” made the difference and let him to clinch a victory over the dangerous opponent — 6:2, 6:1.

In doubles tournament unseed Dutchmen Jan-Henrik Langhorst and Paul Haarhuis made a sensation, they defeat third seed American John Fitzgerald and Swede Anders Jarryd — 6:4, 7:6.


Andrei Cherkasov
Paul Haarhuis
Jan-Henrik Langhorst